NUTRIENT BIO SATIN SERUM  Christina Line Repair -30 ML

NUTRIENT BIO SATIN SERUM Christina Line Repair -30 ML

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Infused with essential nutrients and vitamins.

The serum promotes smooth skin texture and improves elasticity, moisture and radiance. Skin look even toned and supple.

NUTRIENT - addresses tired, greyish and sometimes red and irritated skin.

Uses microbiota to strengthen skin's defenses against external pollutants, and superfoods to supply large and high quality amounts of skin builders that promote renewal, balanced biological processes and preservation of optimal levels of hydration and nutrition.


  • Vitamin C - delivers high antioxidant defense as well and plays an essential role in collagen synthesis. Promotes even skin tone and reduces skin pigmentation and age spots for a firmer, radiant, less wrinkled appearance.
  • Vitamin A - retinyl palmitate
  • Squalane - a light weight emollient with moisture properties. It absorbed easily and prevents water loss from the skin. Moreover, squalane helps to repair the skin barrier and to reduce redness.