Aqua Sapphire Modeling Mask (Pack Of 5)

Aqua Sapphire Modeling Mask (Pack Of 5)

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Real Sapphire Powder relieves & soothes damaged and tired skin to get recovered in better conditions. 
In addition, Collagen component fills and maintains full of skin elasticity and the strong moisturizing effect of shea butter protects moist of your skin.
Apply the mask and allow it to dry, dry it without dripping and pull it off without leaving anything on the skin. Professional face treatment for you with a hectic everyday life.

How to use the mask:

  1. Remove all makeup and clean the skin.
  2. Apply toner from your skin care series.
  3. Mix both bags together in a small bowl.
  4. Stir around for one minute until there are no lumps in the mixture.
  5. Apply the mask to the face, use a spatula, avoid the eyepiece and lip section.
  6. Leave the mask on for 25-30 minutes. (It dries in 5-10 minutes without dripping.)
  7. When done, you can easily pull it off without leaving any residue on the skin. Carefully cover the moisture that is left on the skin.

1. If anyone of following symptoms such as red spot, swollen ,sensitive or itching, occurs when using cosmetic, or symptoms appear by direct sunlight, stop using it and consult a doctor immediately.
2. Do not apply it on a skin where you have eczema, wounded, irritated.
3. Storage and cautions for handing.