Exfoliating Heating Paste   50 ml

Exfoliating Heating Paste 50 ml

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This transforming texture scrub heats when it comes in contact with the skin, helps to unclog the pores and eliminate impurities efficiently. Its enzymatic  creamy composition that effectively removes dead cells, boosting cellular renewal, smooths the texture of the skin, helps penetrate other active ingredients and oxygenates, leaving the skin glowing, refreshed and soft.
  • Change the sensation of skin contact as it heats up, expanding pores.
  • Facilitates the extraction of sebum for efficient cleaning of pores.
  • It relaxes due to its healing properties, making it enjoyable to use during treatment.
1 or 2 times a week. Apply the scrub on previously cleasned skin. Leave on for 3 to 5-7 minutes. Make circular movements on the entire face and neck with the pulp of the fingers. Rinse with water and dry the epidermis. Ideal before applying a mask to optimize its penetration.