Power C+ Eye Contour Cream      15 ml

Power C+ Eye Contour Cream 15 ml

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Skeyndor Power C+ Eye Contour cream 

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and dark circles thanks to Skeyndor's Power C+ Eye Contour. 
A creamy eye contour cream that contains high absorption Vitamin C and pomegranate extract; an antioxidant combination for a more luminous radiant effect. Formulated for smoothing and lightening the eye contour. 

  • Master antioxidant Vitamin C works to stabilise collagen, decongest and reduce puffiness.
  • This eye cream will leave your eye area brighter, firmer and revitalised.
  • Light effect on the contour
  • Softens bags under the eyes
  • Decongests eyelids and bags under the eyes
    After your cleansing routine, apply a few drops of the eye gel, using gentle circular movements.
    15 ml.