Make-Up Removing Milk    200 ml

Make-Up Removing Milk 200 ml

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Gently cleanses and soothes. For normal and dry skin.

This light and silky emulsion with Cornflower Water and Mallow Extract cleanses and removes make-up from face in just one gesture. It relieves sensations of discomfort and tightness, leaving the skin feeling soft.
Plant ingredients complex : Drome cornflower water and Auvergne mallow extract complex. Drome cornflower water, also called "glasses-breaker", is known for its soothing properties. The part of the plant used in mallow extract is the flowering top (flowers and a small part of its stem).

Direction for use:
Apply directly/or with a cotton pad to the face and neck area. Finish off with Tonifying Lotion. Can also be used for eye and lip make-up removal.

Remove the safety clip. Press the button and twist to left or right to unlock the pump.