Naturoderm  30 ml

Naturoderm 30 ml

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Skin hygiene treatment
Naturoderm Phyt's is a spray solution for skin hygiene, protective and cleansing. It has a purifying and drying action.
By stimulating the epidermis, this solution has a healing and regenerating effect.
It also purifies, disinfects and dries out imperfections.
 Centella Asiatica,  Sage *, St. John's Wort *, Clove *, Lavender *, Lemon *, Oregano *, Geranium * Bugrane extract
* Ingredients from Organic Farming    100%​ ​NATURAL ORIGIN
Soak a cotton swab, or cotton pad, and lightly dab the imperfection.
Ideal also for:wounds , burns, cuts, cold sores, mouth ulcers , sunburn , mosquito bites, mycoses, ingrown hairs, bed sores, post -surgery