Ultimate Sheet Mask - Charcoal Serum

Ultimate Sheet Mask - Charcoal Serum

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Premium soft, non-woven cloth mask drenched in powerful antioxidants, enriched with activated charcoal to help clean and purify oily skin for a soft, smooth touch. Contains charcoal, niacinamide and acai berry extract, which can aid in balancing skin tone and refining pores to promote softer, smoother-looking skin. Infused with powerful antioxidants, enriched with charcoal to deep clean and purify oily skin.

How To Use

1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry face.
2. Remove mask from packaging, unfold and apply to face.
3. Remove the mask after 15–20 minutes; do not rinse.
4. Allow skin to absorb the remaining serum by gently patting the skin with your hand. Discard mask.

* Individually wrapped, sanitary and hygienic
* Single use
* Visible results in 15 minutes
* Highly effective serums
* Treats targeted skin conditions
* Dermatolgist tested