Sea collagen vials 1x3ml/10x3ml

Sea collagen vials 1x3ml/10x3ml

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Intensive Age Recovery Booster
Marine Collagen is a macro molecule that intensely moisturizes and repairs the surface micro relief of the skin,Anti-wrinkle action.
 Intensive course for an astonishing age recovery effect. Its tensing properties and concentration act on the skin’s restructuring process. Highly concentrated and of sea origin, soluble native collagen has moisturizing and correcting properties. It reinforces skin hydration leaving it toned and supple.

Great to use it with Derma roller.

Shake the booster and wrap a tissue around the neck of the ampoule. Using the other hand, grasp the neck and snap off the tip at the lower white ring.
Morning or evening, pour the concentrate into the palm of the hand and apply to a cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Gently pat the skin making it penetrate, then apply your regular skincare
The presentation in one dose ampoules allows to obtain perfectly intact concentrates of active ingredients.

Use: Apply the content of an ampoule on neck and face.Make it penetrate with light pats and light modeling movements. At home as a complement of the specific treatment apply in the evening the content of an ampoule on perfectly cleansed neck and face with light pats before the usual cream.