Alpha-Beta Day Defense Cream             50 ml

Alpha-Beta Day Defense Cream 50 ml

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The Alpha Complex formulations’ main purpose is attaining a smooth and uniform skin texture through a gentle exfoliating process, as a result of the beneficial attributes of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, made  from natural fruit extracts. The formulations contain additional plant extracts . It will accelerating the natural exfoliation process of the skin and strengthen the renewed cells. 

Corrects the color and texture of the skin and tightens the pores.    Eliminates oily shine and provides a healthy look for an oily skin.

 Benefits :

 Daily moisturizer to increase skin renewal and diminish wrinkles. Contains UVA and UVB for protection from the sun.

The success of the products lays in a dual concurrent skin care, first phase consists of a professional skin treatment to renew the skin and the second phase consists of daily care at home to continue the restoration and repair for the final desired result of young, beautiful and healthier complexion.