Alpha-Beta Restoring Cream            50 ml

Alpha-Beta Restoring Cream 50 ml

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Restoring Cream, suitable for all skin types, helps the rehabilitation of the skin. Revitalizing cream based on fruit extracts and vitamins. Heals the epidermis, stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin, as well as dissolve comedones.

It is recommended to apply the Alpha-Beta & Retinol Prepping Lotion on skin before using this cream.

Stimulates regeneration of the epidermis. Smoothes the surface and color of the skin, lightens spots.
 Provides anti-inflammatory action. Dissolves open and closed comedones, reduces pores.
Restoring Cream stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improves the repair processes. Seals and tightens the skin, improves skin tone.
Apply to cleansed skin in small amounts 1 time per day , for 6-8 weeks or as recommended by a specialist.

The success of the products lays in a dual concurrent skin care, first phase consists of a professional skin treatment to renew the skin and the second phase consists of daily care at home to continue the restoration and repair for the final desired result of young, beautiful and healthier complexion.