Comodex Hydrate & Restore Serum  30 ML

Comodex Hydrate & Restore Serum 30 ML

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Lightweight serum enriched with moisturizers, regenerates and rejuvenates. Prevents water loss and improves the water reservoir, leaving the skin comfortable and smooth.

Selected actives:

  • HA – preserves optimal hydration, improves the skin’s water retaining properties and increases collagen synthesis
  • Hygroplex - effective moisturizer adapted to the skin’s water binding capacity
  • Expert moist – moisturizes, improves penetration and prevents TEWL
Zinc oxide, talc, mica, silicon oxide, shea butter, marigold extract, sunflower seed oil, Alaria Esculenta extract, tocopherol acetate, dogrose dog oil, jojoba extract, magnesium ascorbylphosphate, soybean wild oil, retinyl palmitate, bisabolol

Massage into face, neck and décolleté.