Enbioment Serum           30 ml

Enbioment Serum 30 ml

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This milky serum encourages the biodiversity of the skin’s microflora, which translates into the skin functioning more optimally.

Formulated with live bacterial spores, this milky serum assists to promote biodiversity within the skin’s microbiome. EnbiomentTM Serum does this through feeding the friendly (good) bacteria while helping to calm and reduce inflammation that may trigger the overgrowth of opportunist (bad) bacteria. The inclusion of bacillus coagulans which produces lactic acid and helps boost the immune system discourages the bad bacteria. At the same time the yeast extract works to rebalance and increase the diversity of the skin’s microbiome. The EnbiomentTM Microbiome System Probiotic Restoring Skincare range, ideal for reactive skin conditions.

After cleansing with Enbioment TM Cleanser and spritzing with a thin layer of Enbioment TM Mist, apply a pump of Enbioment TM Serum and work into the affected area. Allow the product to soak into the skin for a minute.