Lactolan Cream Mask    70 ml

Lactolan Cream Mask 70 ml

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Revitalizing cream based on fruit extracts and vitamins Holy Land  Lactolan  Cream Mask

An absorbent moisturizing mask that works to increase the skin moisture as well as help with natural skin renewal. Moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating cream mask for all skin types. It gives the skin a velvety, soft, elasticity. Accelerates reparative processes, restores skin after cleansing and peels

THE LACTOLAN formulations include an active biological complex of peptides, derived from a unique milk processing method, effective in increasing the skin's moisture and promoting natural skin cell renewal. Milk is well known for its great skin care qualities and together with natural botanic extracts make the products gentle yet effective for a beautiful and healthy complexion.
 A younger, softer and healthier skin  will be well nourished and hydrated. The skin tone will brighten and the texture becomes uniform and velvety.

Directions - gently smooth on a clean skin a uniform layer and wait for 20-15 minutes.Remove with a damp cloth.