White Peel         70 ml

White Peel 70 ml

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The HOME PEELS line complements the in-spa HL signature treatments. The 5 peels are designed for at-home use to help expedite cell turnover, dissolve intercellular glue removing dead skin cells and confer healthy, smooth, radiant skin. The line is intended for a wide range of target groups and skin types, to be selected accordingly based on individual skin conditions.

Gentle peel, acts to melt intercellular substances, contributes to lightening the skin tone and increases the skin's moisture.

Professional Skin Care. Made in Israel.

Acts to melt intercellular substance, contributes​ ​to lightening skin tone and increases the skin's​ ​moisture content.

Apply to clean skin, wait 10 minutes and remove with lukewarm water.

Key actives
Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Lactic Acid​ ​from cheese